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Event: Authentic Sexual Self

When: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 / 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Pacific Time, GMT-7)
Where: The comfort of your home, wherever you are
Who: Anyone who is interested in positively developing their sexual energy/expression
Cost: Your first meditation is FREE; thereafter, each session is only $11

What Is Authentic Sexual Self?

Everyone's sexuality looks a little bit different. There is no "right way" to enjoy sex, so within the context of mutual consent, whatever turns you on is perfectly fine -- it just is what it is. That being said, as human beings we tend to project our fears, issues, needs, and deep sense of lack upon our sexuality, thus distorting it, altering it from a means of feeling intimacy and conneciton to a vehicle for experiencing emptiness, disconnect, and/or suffering.

"Authentic Sexual Self" is the potentiality within your own sexuality that transcends these distortions and limitations. It is who you are as a sexual being when you are just you, without all the projections and lack-consciousness. Your version of it will look different from anyone else's version, which is a beautiful thing! The more you embody that authentic sexual YOU, the more you can enjoy various forms of sexual interplay from a place of inner connectedness, playfulness, and joy.

About This Meditation

In this group meditation, you can participate from wherever you are in the world. Just take some time to relax, either sitting or lying down, and tune into your body and the sensations you find there for the hour of the event. Nathan Whiteside, the event organizer, will use a combination of Divine Energy and Sacred Earth Energy to create an energetic "bridge" between you and your own Authentic Sexual Self. All you have to do is tune in and let go into the experience.

What might you expect? Everyone will experience it differently. It might feel intensely pleasurable, or it might bump up against some of the blockages to your most authentic sexual expression. Either way, you will want to keep letting go into whatever the "bridge" wants to do, to wherever it wants to take you. Quite often it will show you the armoring that you have around your heart, providing you with an opportunity to notice that it is there, and then to let it go.

Authentic Sexual Self is, as you might expect, entirely sex-positive, so all genders, sexual orientations, kinks, and (consensual) sexual proclivities that may or may not fall within the "norm" are welcome. There is no "right way" to experience turn-on, but this meditation will help you to experience whatever turns you on in a more connected, healthy, and multi-dimensional way. For some, it makes all of life more pleasurable and vivacious.

For those who are interested, there will be more group meditations available in the future to help you deepen your connection to your Authentic Sexual Self. The cost will be $11 for all meditations after the initial free session.

To register for the FREE event, please click the button below. You can only register yourself, so please do not try to register more than one person. If someone you know might be interested in this event, please have them register themselves directly, or else they won't be included. Thanks so much, and enjoy!

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