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Group Healings (click here to learn more)

Sunday October 18th, 2015; 2:30pm-4:30pm (PDT)—In this group healing, the focus will be on clearing the beliefs, identities, and consciousness patterns related to thekarmic issue that most interferes with your ability to receive love . The requested donation is $40. Available in person (Oakland, CA) or at a distance. Please RSVP if you will be attending.

Also, if you would like to host a group healing in your area, please inquire by e-mailing me.

Aligning with Your Authentic Sexual Self (click here to learn more)

Coming again soon!—There is no "right way" to experience one's own sexuality. Part of what makes life so interesting is the wide variety of all of our sexual interests and proclivities. But within any form of sexual expression, one might experience it in a healthy, connected way, or in a way that fosters disconnect and alienation. This distant group meditation is designed to help you experience your sexuality in a way that is authentically YOU, beyond all the distortions and illusions that so often get in the way.

For more information, or to sign up via EventBrite, please click here.

Healing the Lifefield Pathways

Saturday October 24th, 2015; 1pm-4pm (PDT)—This is an exciting new avenue for health and transformation. Creating a deep healing on the physical body is not easy to do in a group setting, but the body responds very well to work on the Lifefield pathways and can be done effectively in groups. No other healing modality is working on this level.

The Lifefield pathways are similar to meridians in that they move energy through the body, and their openness is vital for optimal health. They are impacted by stress, tension, chronic illnesses, and deep emotional positions. Clearing them is very deep work, and can engender profound healings on both the physical and emotional levels. Here are some examples of what work on the Lifefield pathways can help with:

Chakras: If you have a chakra that is tight or shut down, usually due to emotional issues, clearing the Lifefield pathways can be an extremely powerful way to reclaim your emotional strength. For myself, I found it most powerful in clearing my third chakra (self-esteem issues) and my heart chakra (emotional protection or stuckness), but everyone is different and you might have another chakra that is more impacted.

Physical organs: If you have an organ that is weak or not functioning properly, clearing its Lifefield pathways can have a profound effect.

Chronic fatigue or illness: If you have been suffering from low energy levels, or have had an illness for a long time that has impacted various aspects of your health, this healing could do wonders for bringing you back to full health.

Physical tension: The Lifefield pathways are most directly impacted by tension in the body, and will perpetuate that tension even after its cause has been dealt with. If you have a part of the body that is chronically tense, or would just like a general clearing of tension so you can relax more in your body, this healing would be great for you.

You can pick the part of your body/energy system that you would like me to focus on during the healing. If you are interested in being included, either in person or at a distance, please just let me know. The requested donation is $85. Available in person (Oakland, CA) or at a distance. Please RSVP if you will be attending.


Divine Prosperity Tele-Seminar

Click here to listen to the free recording!—Please join me for this free tele-seminar event, available world-wide, in which I will share with you the principles I used to pay off $70,000 in debts while doing the work I love, in which I help other people, and all for less than 20 hours per week.

What is unique about the Divine Prosperity approach is that it is about being in alignment with your own divine nature, to make your life an expression of your deepest calling so that you can create your life from a place of love and truth, rather than subtle appeals to the ego and the feelings of fear and lack that define its existence.

Filled with wry humor, genuine love, and real-life stories that we can all relate to, this seminar will help you to see that no matter how stuck your life has become, everything can change on a dime when you embrace the universal principles of Divine Prosperity.


Archive—Listen to a Radio Interview

Thursday, July 11, 2013—In this audio recording, I interviewed Ric Weinman, the founder of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy. We talk about his personal journey of healing and transformation, the healing power of VortexHealing, and the path of spiritual Awakening that has opened up as a result of the divine intention held within this healing lineage. To listen, please click here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011—This was a fun and lively interview with Phyllis King, and in the second half we took calls from listeners and dispensed advice - fun had by all! Click here to listen to the interview; for more information about Phyllis King or to listen to one of her live shows, please click here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007—This is a particularly good interview. The host, Bonnie Colleen asked great questions and was very supportive. Her show is called Seeing Beyond. We talked about my journey from atheism to spiritual healing, and the process by which VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy alleviates suffering. Click here to listen to the interview; for more information about Bonnie Colleen and Seeing Beyond, please click here.

Monday, September 6, 2004—This is my interview on Michael Mercury's talk radio program, The Center of the Universe. It was a bit awkward at times, but also valuable - We discussed a number of topics regarding the healer's journey and modern acceptance of non-traditional forms of healing. Click here to listen to the interview.