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The Source Of Suffering

The healing that I do focuses on releasing the deepest, root cause of my clients' suffering—both personal and physical. At its foundation, the cause for all suffering is the experience of being separate, cut-off, alienated, alone. The source of these feelings lies deep in our karmic* histories, which span many hundreds or even thousands of years.

In order to cope with these powerful emotions, we find ways to distract ourselves, either through attachments and addictions, by avoidance and denial, or both. These coping mechanisms leave a lasting karmic imprint on our consciousness that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime, even if we have no conscious memory of those lifetimes.

It is due to these coping mechanisms that we find ourselves in a deeper mess than what we started with. Drug addictions, co-dependency, depression, excessive guilt, self-destruction, isolation, rage, and unhealthy relationships are all symptoms of deeply held karmic patterns. These patterns even find their way into our physical bodies, in the form of illnesses or injuries that we attract into our lives. Of course, sometimes a cold is just a cold—it's not always karma coming to get you—but most life-altering circumstances are due, at least in part, to some karmic drama that we carry from a past life.

But conditioning, in and of itself, is not enough to create the deep feelings of suffering that most of us experience. The true depths of our suffering can only be explained by how we identify with these feelings of lack, pain, sadness, anger, helplessness, etc. "It's not just pain, it's my pain! I am the one suffering, here!" This identification "ups the ante," making the stakes very high, and it becomes easy to get lost in the drama of what you are experiencing, rather than just experiencing it and dealing with it from a place of detached presence. If you were to experience pain without identifying with it, it would still be unpleasant, but since it has nothing to do with you, it would be easier to deal with it appropriately without getting caught up in the drama of it. So not only do we have patterns of emotions and behavior that create unpleasant experiences, but we also form an identity (i.e. ego) around those experiences that perpetuates them, and creates a focus that makes them even more painful than they would be otherwise.

However, let me be clear that this is not to say that what you are suffering is your fault. The philosophy of karma is not one of "blame the victim". This is simply the way that things work, usually on an unconscious level, and by understanding karma and ego we can start to focus ourselves on dealing with them and thereby put an end to the cycle of self-perpetuating suffering.

So then how do we do that? Our emotional and behavorial patterns are so deeply ingrained that even the simple choice of meditating five minutes each day can seem like an impossible task. While it helps to be empowered by the knowledge that we heal ourselves by making healthier choices, it is often a case of "easier said than done". This is because our egoic patterns run very, very deeply in our consciousness.

Fortunately, there is a solution. If our suffering is the result of feeling a sense of separation from the rest of creation—and the identification we have with this separate self—then the solution lies in letting go of that identity and allowing our true, divine Self to emerge once again in our consciousness. There are many paths one can choose to acheive this sense of wholeness; the approach that I use with my clients is one that includes open-hearted connection, energy healing, and personal counseling:

Although some healing methods are more effective than others, the most important part of being a healer is the connection that you form with your clients. It is important to care about those you are helping, to have a personal interest in their progress, and to do so from a place of open-heartedness, compassion, and total acceptance of where they are in their journey.

With that in place, having an effective form of therapy is the next most important aspect of the process, and in my studies I have found nothing more effective than VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy, for both emotional issues and physical ailments. Through VortexHealing we can get to and release the deepest aspects of separation consciousness.

Finally, it is also helpful to have a framework with which to understand what is happening, which then helps us continue the healing process once we've left the healing session, and so I always take some time at the beginning and end of each session to talk about what is happening, and to offer suggestions as to how to deal with the problems my clients are facing.

If you resonate with what I've written here, I invite you to contact me for a free introductory consultation.

* Note: The term "karma" is usually used to describe the spiritual law of cause and effect—the world treats you just as you treat others. In this article, I am using the term "karma" to mean "internal" cause and effect—how your history affects your present. We can't do anything about the worldly karma that we've already created, but we can do something about our internal connection to Self.