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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy is an amazingly powerful form of energy healing that specializes in releasing the deepest, root causes of our karmic suffering. Anyone who is commited to the path of healing and spiritual growth would benefit from a VortexHealing session—or better yet, becoming a student or practitioner.

Ammachi, also known as the Indian hugging saint, is the embodiment of the Divine Mother on Earth. She has founded many charities which have helped thousands of poor people throughout the world, and her personal blessing—given in the form of a hug—is available free of charge to anyone who comes to her. To date, it is estimated that she has given over 20 million hugs! See this Web site for more information, including when her world tours will bring her to your area.

Adyashanti is an amazing guide for those on the path to Awakening. He has a clear, no-nonsense style that is founded in non-dualism, but accepts process, self-inquiry, and "whatever works" as valuable tools in coming to one's own truth. Sitting in his presence, you can't help but to feel and be affected by the peace in his soul. He gives lectures at various locations in the Bay Area, and also travels to other cities throughout the United States and occasionally beyond.

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