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Human Energy Systems

The purpose of this article is to familiarize you with the various systems that I work with as a healer. There is an "anatomy" to human consciousness that is just as real as our brain and nervous system, and understanding that anatomy can be very helpful in any healing process.

Energetic Bodies

In addition to the physical body that we can see with our eyes, we also have six distinct energetic bodies, each with a specific structure and function. When something disrupts their natural function, disturbing symptoms usually result. I have listed each body, it's function, and common problems associated with each:
  • Karmic Body :
    This is the vehicle through which our personalities take root in the human body, starting when our soul merges with the growing fetus that we will live through. Its structure is that of a long "rod" that sits in the center of the spine.

    Common problems: Aside from the greatest of spiritual masters, almost everyone's karmic body is an incredibly dense source of karmic patterns and suffering, and these patterns weave their way into all the other bodies, including the physical body. Clearing the karmic body of its issues and conditioning should be treated as a lifelong process.

  • Emotional Body :
    As the name implies, the emotional body is the vehicle through which we experience our emotions. It permeates the physical body and also extends a bit beyond it. It should be noted that emotions are different from feelings. An emotion is what you feel in reaction to something, such as anger, grief, happiness, jealousy, etc. A feeling is something that may or may not arise regardless of external circumstances, but usually arises more often as old patterns are released; examples would be joy, love, and abundance.

    Common problems: Because we experience suffering emotionally—and we tend to suppress our suffering rather than experience it—the emotional body is almost as dense with conditioning as the karmic body. Some people get "stuck" in their emotions, acting them out without much impulse control, and others constantly avoid their emotions, becoming detached and unable to engage fully in life. Negative emotions tend to get stored up in the emotional body as emotional charges, which "explode" whenever the story that surrounds it is relived.

  • Mental Body :
    The mental body is responsible for one's thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and ideas. It co-exists in the same space as the emotional body. Different mental bodies have different structures, depending on the experiences that one has had in this life and in past ones.

    Common problems: If someone gets attached to a belief or a thought process, it will show up as conditioning in the mental body. An overactive mental body can cause a lot of suffering for the one who is constantly bombarded with an incessant stream of thoughts. The mental body is where many people retreat to escape the suffering of the emotional body. A lot of conditioning gets stored here, but it is not nearly as extensive as in the karmic and emotional bodies.

  • Spiritual Body :
    This is the vehicle through which people experience the Divine, whatever "Divinity" means for them. Feelings of spiritual bliss or devotion usually come through this body.

    Common problems: Typically, there is little conditioning stored in the spiritual body. However, if someone has suffered a sudden or drastic loss of faith, the experience will show up in the spiritual body as crack, or in extreme cases as a fissure. Most atheists, particularly those who grew up in religious households, have a crack in their spiritual bodies.

  • Etheric Body :
    This body is responsible for maintaining a healthy boundary between yourself and your environment. It is somewhat larger than the other energetic bodies, and its outer edge is like a cell's membrane, creating a relatively stable internal environment that also lets certain energies pass through, such as the emotional field of a loved one. It should be open, with edges that gently shape themselves to the people and objects in the environment.

    Common problems: If the etheric body is too hard and rigid, you will be unable to feel what is happening around you; if it is too thin and amorphous, you will have little protection from others' negative thoughts and emotions. Some people have holes in their etheric body, which may give them the "psychic" ability to feel others' emotions quite easily, but this method of psychic sight bears a hefty pricetag, paid in oversensitivity and the need to avoid people much of the time.

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