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Human Energy Systems

Deeper Aspects of the Human System

In addition to the energetic bodies and pathways already discussed, there are many other subtle structures that create and reinforce the human experience, particularly that of separation and suffering. These structures are not generally known, and I only know of them as a result of my coursework in VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy. However, they are quite real and releasing conditioning from these places in consciousness is an amazing, often mind-blowing experience.
  • Karma Knots & the Karmic "Tree" :
    Karma knots are points of pure separation consciousness, which reside at various points along the center of the karmic body; each knot is the root cause and source of a distinct karmic issue, which is related to the chakra that it is in or near. Because separation and suffering are almost synonymous, these knots are the primary source of emotional pain for human beings, and all of our conditioning and patterned responses arise as a result of many lifetimes of trying to cope with the suffering that these knots create. This is why the karmic body is so incredibly dense with conditioning. A person can have anywhere from no knots to many hundreds of knots, and the average person today has 250 knots (the most I've ever heard of someone having is 2000 knots); however, most people I've encountered who are interested in receiving healing have fewer than 50 knots.

    Emmanating out from each knot is a pattern of "karmic webbing," which weaves its way into the physical body and all the energetic bodies, creating a dense network of conditioned thoughts, actions, and emotional responses. The "fruits" of these karmic "trees" are "ego positions," which develop anew in each lifetime. Ego positions provide a person's ego with a reference point, giving them a sense of how they should position themselves in various situations. They keep getting bigger the older you get, which is part of why people tend to get set in their ways as they get older.

  • Pre-Karmic Body :
    This is more of a field of consciousness than it is an energetic body. The idea here is that as the Divine creates a vehicle through which It can experience the world of duality, it assembles a unique blend of potential issues into a morphogenic field which we call the pre-karmic body. This body gives a person the general sense of separation through the various issues that have been assembled for it. As that soul incarnates over and over again, it will be attracted to experiences that will give it a personal sense of what these issues feel like.

  • 5th-8th Dimensional Blueprints :
    Our physical bodies exist, in the Now, as 4th dimensional objects—i.e. objects that would need at least four points to define them, just as a plane needs at least three points, and a line needs two. And just as a 4th dimensional object contains an infinite number of planes, a 5th dimensional "super-object" contains an infinite number of 4th dimensional objects. In the same way that a blueprint is helpful in building a house, the Divine uses the 5th dimension (and on up to the 8th dimension) to create an overview of what kind of consciousness, personality, and issues It wants to build within each person. However, these "blueprints" don't shift as easily as their 4th dimensional counterparts, so even after someone has had a deep release on this plane, their consciousness may be pulled into their old patterns through the 5th dimensional blueprint.

  • 6th Dimensional Hooks :
    The truth of the human condition is that all of our issues are based on such an illusion that there is little support for them within the first five dimensions. In order to get the emotional "juice" that it takes to make our issues feel real, we have to reach out to the 6th dimension, and pull our angst in from there. Each issue will have dozens of hooks associated with it.

  • Personal Lifefield :
    This has the shape of an energetic body, but it is made up of consciousness, as opposed to an energetic form of subtle "tissue." This field of consciousness basically reinforces all the emotions contained within the issues that reside in other parts of our physical and subtle bodies.

  • Core Veil/Aspect Veils :
    Aside from all of the structures that give a person a basic sense of separation, the primary vehicle through which we experience ourselves as a separate being is called the "Core Veil." This veil was created when the first karma knot was formed, and usually persists even after all knots have been removed. It sits in the heart chakra, and creates the basic sense of "I" or "I AM," and once it has completely broken down, the person in question would be considered to have had a basic spiritual Awakening, because their fundamental sense of "me/not-me" has disappeared.

    The Core Veil is not a "thing" in the same way that an ego position is an object with structure to it, and it can't be worked on as you would an emotional issue. It is released solely as an act of Grace, although that Grace usually comes when a person is sufficiently ready for it.

    From this Core Veil, a large number of "aspect veils" also arise, almost like children; each one is a core human identity, such as identity with the mind, with the "sufferer", the "avoider", the "controller", etc. These aspect veils can only be released after the Core Veil has broken down.

  • The Aura :
    Many people, particularly psychics, talk about the "aura" surrounding a person's physical body. Although they are talking about a real phenomenon, from my perspective the aura isn't a "thing" that can be healed or cleansed so much as it is the amalgamation of projected energies from all the other bodies and systems. It often looks pretty, and can be used quite effectively to diagnose certain issues, but there would never be a reason to try to heal the aura.

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