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There are many, many ways to effect healing in someone who is suffering (which is almost all of us). Depending on who you are and where you are in your journey, various methods will work well or not so well for you, and the only way to know which is which is by trying whatever you feel drawn to try. Meditation, yoga, talk therapy, spiritual community, shamanic journeys, devotional practice, service to others, mantras, japa, various forms of massage and bodywork, herbs and medicines, energy healing, satsang with an enlightened master—these methods and many others are all tried and true means of bringing a person into a greater state of Wholeness, but none of them will work for everybody. Every individual has a unique "flavor" of consciousness, so what works well for one person may not work as well for another.

It should be noted, however, that all of these methods will either work from the outside-in, or from the inside-out. In fact, most methods take the outside-in approach, which means that they see how a person's body and/or mind should work when it is in perfect health, and then tries to get that part of them to work in this optimal way.

For instance, let's say that someone has a tense muscle just above the right shoulder blade, and she goes to a massage therapist to release the tension, thus getting the muscular system to be more like how it would be if his emotional health were optimal. This will work, but that emotional issue will eventually cause the muscle to tense up again. However, in releasing the muscular tension (which is different from suppressing it, such as with drugs or alcohol), the person will be reminded of the emotional charge that sits there in his body, and that will help her to become more aware of that issue. Eventually, the awareness that comes through this muscular release may lead her to the source of her tension, at which point he can let it go. Thus, by working on the symptom of an issue repeatedly, the person would eventually release the source of that issue.

Yoga, bodywork, acupuncture, some forms of energy work (such as Reiki), and some forms of meditation (such as Transcendental Meditation) are all outside-in approaches.

By contrast, an inside-out approach will address the root cause of an issue, and then work on the various symptoms that that issue creates. Because the root cause of all issues is ultimately the experience of separation, all inside-out approaches must have a means of releasing separation consciousness directly. As far as I know, there are only four methods of inside-out healing: mantras (i.e. repeating a sound that is "empowered" in some way), doing japa (i.e. repeating the name of a divine being), bringing one's own pure awareness into the center of an issue, and some form of channeled divine consciousness, such as VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy.

Each of these methods is basically a way of bringing divine, non-dual awareness into the consciousness of separation and suffering. Mantras are words or sounds that have been empowered with divine consciousness; a unique mantra may be given by a guru to his or her disciples, and that mantra then becomes the doorway through which the disciple accesses the vibration of divine consciousness and brings it into the parts of his or her soul that are stuck in separation.

A similar technique—which doesn't require access to a guru—is that of doing japa, whereby the practitioner repeats the name of a divine being over and over again. This could be a god or goddess such as Shiva or Kali, an avatar such as Jesus or Krishna, or in some cases a fully Self-Realized master or saint. By repeating the name of such a being, you implicitly invite His or Her divine consciousness into the parts of your soul that are stuck in separation.

A more painful, yet sometimes more direct way of releasing separation consciousness is simply to become very deeply aware of it. Our basic awareness is divine consciousness, so when we become truly aware of our suffering—when we feel it fully, without judgment or avoidance—we bring our own divine consciousness into the center of that suffering, and thereby dissolve it. After millenia of developing conditioned responses that suppress our suffering, becoming truly aware of the source of one's suffering is no easy task. However, we are all divine in nature, and nothing is impossible for the Divine.

There is a fourth way of releasing suffering from the inside-out, and that is through VortexHealing Divine Energy Therapy. Although there are other energy healing systems out there that use various forms of divine light, VortexHealing is the only one (so far—this is almost certain to change as the planet evolves) that uses a combination of channeled divine light and divine consciousness to release separation consciousness from its root. This allows us to release karma knots and the condititioning that they create both quickly and gracefully.

To give you a sense of how effective these last two methods are, I will use my own journey as an example: At age 16 I started to meditate in a way that brought my awareness into the roots of my issues. I had absolutely no training for this, but I was very dedicated and I spent many hours every week in this process. Over the course of 10 years of this kind of intensive self-inquiry, I released about 20 karma knots, so I was releasing one karma knot every six months, on average.

After I took the first VortexHealing course, I had only 24 knots left. Over the next three weeks, I used VortexHealing every day or two to release a knot, and by the end of that four weeks all of my knots were gone. That means that I released more knots in one month using VortexHealing (24 knots) than I had released in the previous 10 years through intense meditation and self-inquiry (only 20 knots).

At the higher levels of training, it only takes a few moments of VortexHealing energy to release a karma knot. The only reason why they can't all be released at once is because it would be more damaging than helpful to shift a person's sense of self so quickly, and people will only release what they are ready to release. Once all of a person's karma knots are gone, it becomes quite a bit more likely that he or she will Awaken in this lifetime.

All of this is not to say that VortexHealing is a "better" way to go than any other way, but for me I appreciate its speed, ease, and efficiency, and I am very drawn to it for my own healing process. If you feel drawn to it as well, then I invite you to contact me for a free introductory consultation.

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