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About Nathan Whiteside

Nathan was born in Detriot, MI to a loving, though often dysfunctional family of atheists and agnostics. He was raised to be a "free-thinker," and as a child he never had any connection to—or interest in—religion or spirituality.

However, at 16 years of age Nathan realized that he was, in a very real way, the sole source of all his problems and suffering, so he decided to do whatever it took to get out of his own way and to become the person that he wanted to be—no games, no excuses, no more playing the victim. Since that time, Nathan has searched tirelessly for the truth behind his desires and motivations, and ultimately of his own nature, believing that this was only way to find permanent relief from the pain in his heart.

In college, after discovering that electrical engineering is mind-numbingly boring, Nathan graduated with a B.A. in philosophy, and thereafter he entered the Peace Corps in which he taught mathematics to 8th and 9th grade students in the West African country of Guinea. Having been raised in a middle-class, white American family, Nathan wanted to challenge his own assumptions about how the world really worked by seeing, first hand, how most human beings still live—in utter poverty.

Nathan was deeply affected by his two years in the Peace Corps, but by the end of his service he still felt that he was needed far more in his country of origin. Since the United States is the most wealthy country in the world, he believed that by helping Americans heal themselves and come to Wholeness, they would then be in the best position to make the entire world a better place.

Upon his return to California, Nathan immediately started taking classes in the Chinese arts of chi-gung, nei-gung, ba gua, and tai chi. This 3-year apprenticeship gave him a much-needed foundation in understanding how subtle energies work in the body.

A year into these studies, Nathan met a Reiki Master who taught him how to channel Universal Life Energy (Rei-ki), and because Reiki is taught through the direct transfer of consciousness, despite his skeptical nature Nathan learned to believe a bit more in the "magic" that is all around us. The following year he undertook over 100 hours of training as a Life Coach, which taught him the power of simply holding space for others to discover their own truth.

In 2002 Nathan encountered VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy, an energetic healing modality that gave him a whole new understanding of healing magic, and upon which most of his healing practice (and personal spirituality) is based. VortexHealing is a very extensive modality, and even after 13 years and over 1500 hours of intensive training, he continues to learn more all the time. Nathan is also one of the only students of VortexHealing to have taken every training/class offered. In the Autumn of 2006, with his teacher's personal guidance Nathan experienced what his teacher calls "Basic Awakening" —a term he coined to indicate that even after the core of the ego dies, much more work still needs to be done. This radical—yet still somehow ordinary—shift in consciousness has only deepened Nathan's commitment to service to others. To learn more about Nathan's experience of Basic Awakening, please click here.

Although it was a long journey that continues to this very day, Nathan has learned to live in alignment with his own deepest Truth, and he credits this approach with the success he has had in building a prosperous healing practice that now runs on its own steam. Wishing to give others the opportunity to create the change they want to see in their lives, Nathan teaches courses in Divine Prosperity via tele-seminars.

Now living in Oakland, CA, Nathan spends his time meditating, authoring eBooks, going on walks in nature, spending time with his life-partner, taking healing classes to expand his repertoire, offering individual and group healing sessions, and giving tele-seminars to help others live in accorance with what he calls Divine Prosperity. You may contact Nathan via e-mail at this address: nathan@healingforthesoul.com.

® "VortexHealing" is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.