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Below I have listed just a few of the testimonials that I have received from clients over the years. In addition to the subjective accounts listed here, I have also started to test the physical ramifications of my energy healing tools through an experiment documented here. If you have any questions, please just email them to me. Thanks so much!


"I started working with Nathan a few months ago and have experienced changes that are nothing short of miraculous. Aside from helping me treat Lyme and some of the physical and emotional symptoms that seem to have come along with it (hormonal dysregulation, adrenal dysfunction, gut dysbiosis, anxiety, nervousness, sensory issues), he has also been helping heal my childrens' emotional issues. The Vortex work we've done with him has transformed our family dynamics - where family life once felt stressful, it now feels easier and more harmonious. Prior to Vortex, my husband and I had spent five years trying to heal our son's physical and emotional issues. Aside from diet nothing worked as quickly and as powerfully as Vortex. After a few treatments my children went from not being able to play together for more than five minutes without a spat to being able to play safely and harmoniously for three to six hours at a time. This change in my son has completely shifted our family dynamic. There is so much ease at home when we're together - honestly, I hardly know what to do with myself! I feel so very grateful for Nathan and the divine energy for giving us the gift of being a family that can relax into loving and enjoying one another."
- Julia; Berkeley, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for ALWAYS being so kind, caring and GENEROUS WITH YOUR TIME! You really have a special gift—and are truly generous in sharing it—THANK YOU! Your knowledge, perspective and insight make the journey of self-discovery less frightening."
- Tracy; Orange County, CA

"I'd like to express my thanks to you for the work done. I've had a few other space clearing work done before (from a distance) but only one yielded tangible results which were unfortunately limited. I had heard of VortexHealing for many years but had never experienced it before.It is eye-opening indeed. About an hour and a half before you started I had to get out of bed (I was sleeping). Then when I went to sleep again I did not wake up at all until daylight which hadn't happened for a long time and I could feel a change in the atmosphere when I awoke. I hope that this situation will remain for a long time."
- A.M., Penang, Malaysia

"Since working with Nathan on our relationship issues we are getting along much better. Before Nathan, our relationship was plagued with resentments and bitterness from past affronts. Added to that, there were on-going barbs and aggravations that would inevitably lead to blow-outs. That led to remorse and guilt. And so the cycle of suffering went on and on, seemingly endless and hopeless. After working with Nathan, though, our relationship changed dramatically! The negatives of the past appear somehow neutralized in that they aren’t brought up and 'beaten to death' during a disagreement anymore–they no longer fester, nor do they bleed into the present. Also, the bickering and barbs have lessened considerably. Ours has become a far more peaceful, pleasurable and positive relationship."
- Dick & Sharon, TX

"Before I started working with Nathan, my life was a dark tunnel of pain, fear, depression, regret, and dread, as I was having difficulty recovering from breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. After just a few sessions, my life has completely turned around, to the point where I am smiling again, I feel joy in living, my pain has gone away, I have energy to thrive and engage life, my sense of humor has been restored, and I have been able to fully accept my past, present, and future. I have emerged from this dark tunnel into a life brimming with humor, accomplishment, health that astonishes me, optimism, and flat-out glee."
- Natasha, Oakland, CA

Although I'm open to new things and did believe VortexHealing to be a beautiful philosophy, I had no expectations that I would truly feel an appreciable impact from Nathan's healing. I didn't think it could hurt, and I thought it would possibly help, but I thought it would be outside of my experience, something I couldn't truly know, almost like knowing someone has prayed for you. I could not have been farther off base. As Nathan worked, I experienced the most remarkable physical sensations and emotions that were completely distinct and separate from what was going on with me at the moment. Later, I slept the deepest sleep, waking rested and refreshed and ready to start my day, only to realize that I'd achieved that state in just two hours of sleep. I'm so grateful to Nathan for sharing his remarkable gift with me, and I would recommend his services to absolutely anyone. After two sessions, I feel more patient, calmer, and more centered."
- Tara; Gainesville, FL

"I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in February of 2009, after experiencing persistent symptoms of gastro-intestinal issues, frequent migraines, sleeping disorders, general moodiness, tingling in my hands and feet, and constant exhaustion. After many months of working with doctors, nutritionists, and chiropractors my symptoms were not getting any better. I started working with Nathan in December of 2009 on both the physical and emotional aspects of this disease. With his help we were able to get rid of the physical and emotional roots of my illness, and the improvement to my health finally enabled me to run and finish a half-marathon, as well as two shorter races. Meeting Nathan has been a blessing in so many levels. I can't thank him enough for all his help."
- Patricia, Morgan Hill, CA

"I can not tell you how impressed I am with the difference I feel in my body and my feelings since my sessions with you. My liver doesn't seem as 'puffy' or swollen, so the size of my stomach has decreased. Prior to my sessions, I had chronic pain in my lower back with my sciatic nerve, that would in turn create a shock of pain down my right leg anytime I sat down wrong, or layed down wrong... I am SO happy to report that I have no more excrutiating pain running down my leg! I can sit or lay however I want to!"
- Carla; Topeka, KS

"After working on the 'poor me' issue, I've found myself to be solution-based, instead of wallowing in 'this isn't right.' Nifty answers that create peace in my head. I've also been much more comfortable telling people no, instead of doing something and later resenting it. Thank you!"
- Piper; San Francisco, CA

"I went to see Nathan because I appeared to be developing a full-fledged case of lupus. By the end of the first session with Nathan, the burning sensations, joint pain, and kidney irritation had ended. Over the next 2-4 days, the skin eruptions had stopped and then began receding. Ever since then, all my symptoms have stopped and my skin is almost completely back to normal."
- Thornton; Berkeley, CA

"Nathan, I want to thank you for introducing me to vortex healing. Just after one healing session, I noticed my period pains have finally diminished. It is not 100% gone but noticeably lessened. The bleeding was cut almost in half. And I went down from 10 advils to 4 pills, and I took the second pair just for safe measure. Anyway, I was comfortable and the whole process was painless. I am very happy with the results. Hope to see you soon and I would definitely recommend you."
- Sandra; Martinez, CA

"I received my lab results. My [HIV] viral load remains undetectable and my CD4 count was up to 500. More interesting than that, my overall % (all the good T-cells) went just over 30%. I have been at 25-27% since diagnosis, 2001. What this means is that even though my CD4 # is 500, a number I have hit only once before, my overall immune system is stronger since our sessions than any other time since I was diagnosed."
- Mike; San Francisco, CA

"Nathan was very intuitive, thorough and detailed in his approach and demeanor. I spent an hour in meditation while he worked on me at his location and I was delightfully surprised at how accurate he was. What I got out of it was a shift that is calling me forward to be more flexible in my relating to others, more compassionate with myself and others."
- Adebola, Los Angeles, CA

"Nathan healed my pinkeye in minutes! Also, my doctor told me I couldn't pitch again without surgery—Nathan's powers proved him wrong. I am a man of science, but the results I've seen have made me a believer in VortexHealing."
- Richard; Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you again for your wonderful healing Saturday. I blissed-out all the way home! I'm so thankful for your gift, and to know that you are in the world using it. My deep anxiety has completely shifted, and the main difference I can feel physically is the loss of tension in my face. The deep wrinkle between my eyebrows from furrowing them is almost gone."
- Lisa; Los Gatos, CA

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm seeing major differences since our last session, good ones of course! I feel energy flowing through my body, less fear, strength in keeping my resolution to eat vegan, depression gone, anger gone; I just feel a lot lighter. The things that I've dealt with from the past aren't having as much of an imprint on my energy field, and I feel whole and new."
- Elaine; New York, NY