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The Experiment

In both my private life and my healing practice, I have often used VortexHealing® to attempt to kill the pathogens (such as viruses, parasites, fungus, or bacteria) that were causing an illness in myself, my clients, or my loved ones; by-and-large those attempts have appeared to be successful. But I wanted to see if I could find a more "objective" measure of the effectiveness of energy healing, so I created this experiment:

First, I took a single slice of Arrowheat potato bread, cut it in half, put each half-slice on its own plate with 0.5 mL of tap water, and finally covered them both tightly with saran wrap. With the "Vortexed" half-slice, I used the "fire" aspect of VortexHealing to kill any and all mold microbes; the "Not Vortexed" half-slice I left completely alone. I then put both half-slices on top of the refrigerator and waited for mold to grow. BEFORE (Photo taken 7/29/11):

Next, I checked in on both half-slices every day. For the first three weeks, no mold grew on either slice! Very frustrating - it seemed like the entire experiment was going to end up being inconclusive. However, I kept giving it more time, and three weeks into the experiment some mold finally appeared! Take a look (Photo taken 8/19/11):

That vague dot you see forming in the center of the "Not Vortexed" slice is a bit of mold growing where I had put the 0.5 mL of water. As you can see, there is nothing growing on the "Vortexed" slice. Of course, this is by no means a conclusive scientific experiment, but it does lend credence to the idea that energy healing can be used to kill microbes. Here are the latest pictures, taken on August 25th, 2011: