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Divine Prosperity: A Practical Guide to Authentic Manifesting

In his debut eBook, internationally-known healer Nathan Whiteside brings clarity to the often esoteric world of “manifesting” and the Law of Attraction, crafting an easy-to-understand guidebook for the experienced manifester and novice alike. With a background in science, over 10 years of experience in the healing arts, and a deep spiritual practice, Nathan has used his own life as a laboratory to test and explore the principles of practical manifesting, and he draws on these experiences to guide readers to a new kind of spiritual path, tackling complex issues in layman's terms, such as:

  • The Three Levels of Intention,
  • S.I.F.E. (Surrendered Intention with Focus and Energy),
  • Understanding how and why we sabotage our own paths to happiness,
  • Connecting with and respecting the path provided for us by the Divine,
  • Meditations to release yourself from the cycle of needless drama,
  • How to let go of the ego – and get out of your own way!

Written in conversational prose with humor and extensive examples from his own life, Nathan takes readers on a journey into authentic prosperity and spiritual freedom. Approximately 42 pages long, this is a true guidebook for the dedicated seeker who sees no separation between spirituality and everyday life.

You may purchase a copy for $10 by clicking below.

Reader Reviews:

"This is a beautifully written and quite readable book. The book has probably the best description I've ever read regarding how unconscious manifesting is immensely more powerful than conscious manifesting - as well as the inherent self-sabotaging nature of the ego. The issue I have with a lot of "new age" literature is that, in general, they completely ignore these two issues. There is a great analogy in the book - about being in a kayak - highlighting in a highly visceral way the strength and spiritual necessity of being present to the actual realities of life. The book is particularly forceful since it honestly and eloquently follows the travails and successes of the author's life. I would highly recommend the book to anyone." ~ Michael Barton

"This book was enlightening and educating and left me with a sense of fulfillment. The concepts are very well explained and the book is well written. There are several exercises and techniques in the book and they are like a bonus; the approach is new (to me at least) and they have been very effective. I am very grateful to have found this book." ~ P. Tokar

"I found this book to be very accessible & grounded. Unlike some of the publications on the same theme, the book managed to cut through the New Age hyperbole & speak to the heart of the struggle we all have with focusing our intent & trusting in the process of achieving our Divine potential. The nuances of thought & awareness that are required to engage in the dynamic process of manifesting abundance are illustrated beautifully through the authors personal experiences & insights. That helped me to connect with the truth of his message & in turn, with the truth of my own relationship with fulfilment & prosperity. Most importantly the book carries you through your own process, it resonates with ones consciousness & safely delivers you to the destination which is the place in oneself which is pure Divine creative potentiality & once there you then know how to live from there abundantly. Highly recommended." ~ Gilldemu